Smart watches
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15-12-2015, 12:13 PM
RE: Smart watches
There are some specific applications where I would use one, but not if it also required a phone. For example, I use a running watch when I run. If a smartwatch could replace all the features of my GPS enabled running watch, then it would be a sell for me. But, since most require an active connection to a phone for GPS, then it would not serve that purpose for me.

There are also industrial settings where workers could benefit from easily accessible technology, but require both hands free to work. In those situations, wearable technology such as smart watches, heads up displays, etc. represent a potential breakthrough in the way technology can be applied to keep people safer or improve efficiency and customer service. We are on the cusp of that happening on a large scale right now. But even then, the value to the average consumer is marginal until the "killer app" for wearables is developed or the technology becomes cheaper and more subtle.

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