Sniping Montage (COD)
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11-01-2013, 05:48 AM
RE: Sniping Montage (COD)
(10-01-2013 09:29 AM)Hamata k Wrote:  Always with the snipers. Online names, montages, pro what not. If you want to impress me, show me a SMG montage. I want to see some guy named "pro shotgun" and I want to see him clear a room with a single shot or something.

Alright, I'll search around and see if I find anything like that. I would be most impressed as well.

bemore Wrote:The guy was exploiting the stupid "quick scoping".... it is a glitch, there is no skill involved whatsoever. My mates son can quickscope and he is only 9.

Its just like me using Frag rounds in my shotgun on BF3 (before the patch)

No skill involved, just point and shoot.

I feel the same way about shotguns. Really no skills involved at all, just walk into a room filled with people and spin around shooting aimlessly and you'll kill more than half of them more than half the time. So stupid. I also hate when I knife someone with a shotgun and actually SEE my knife dart right into their chest... and still die by their shotgun as they prance around victorious... pathetic.

riseinside Wrote:I cleared a room once with 5 shots. 5 kills. Using the KSG in Black Ops 2. I was so stunned at my luck that I was quickly killed by some guy standing at the door.

That guy was me getting my revenge...

“What you believe to be true will control you, whether it’s true or not.”

—Jeremy LaBorde
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