So I Have This Mormon Friend
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20-08-2014, 11:53 PM
RE: So I Have This Mormon Friend
(20-08-2014 06:48 PM)smileXsmileXsmile Wrote:  That south park video is great and that hidden camera video was just straight up creepy. heres another video i found that seems legit: here's another source i used

Here's some notes i gathered which you may or may not care about. We'll see what happens but I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the Mormon religion.


choose “a mission” or donate $10000 cash

social suicide!! -> cult?

mormon magic underwear -> requires a church id card

jesus visited america

first man and woman (garden of eden) was in missouri [what about what the old testament says]

levels of heaven/ mormons can become God so they’re countless Gods

“outer darkness” instead of hell (for ex-mormons)

"spirit children" are waiting to be born that’s why they need to have a lot of babies

racist until 1970: dark skin is a punishment (the mark of cain[son of adam and eve]) for adam and eve eating the 'apple'. BUT once they become mormon they will be rewarded by their skin becoming white like Joseph smith

native americans are actually jews and were white but God punished them for killing another tribe and turned their skin red.


sexist against women

animals mentioned are not native to america

childhood indoctrination = child abuse (they can't consent)


Basically and basically the stuff goodwithoutgod already said. Though technically, polygamy is no longer practiced and isn't taught. Technically there still is polygamy because if a couple gets married and sealed in the temple and the wife dies, the husband can remarry and seal to another woman in the temple while, as I understand it, the woman cannot. I don't know personally that you have to donate money if you do not serve a mission or go military (my brother went military and women are not required to go on a mission). Social suicide for leaving the church, yes, especially in a really Mormon area since the worst thing you can do is "know the truth and deny it" so basically all your Mormon friends and relatives will worry for your soul and likely shun you or keep trying to get you to go back to church. Outer Darkness is also for extremely bad people I do believe.

And yes sexism because women have some church callings like primary (teaching children) and Relief Society (basically an all women's club/bible study thing), they do not have the power of the priesthood like the men (power to heal and whatnot) and can never have roles such as bishop. They're to bare children and support their husbands. That is why women are not required to go on missions and only fairly recently (like in the last 20 or so years) were encouraged to go to college instead of just preparing to be a stay at home mom. Oh, and apparently unlike other religions, roles are a calling, meaning the person doesn't nessecarily choose that role so much as someone tells them to be that role. For example, a bishop might call you and tell you that they want you to teach Sunday school. Also another different thing is that bishops, counselors and whatnot are married and have families (I realized that was weird talking to a friend about my bishop and they were all, "wait, your bishop's married?")

Yes for the childhood indoctrination since basically it's expected that once you turn 8, you get baptized. That is the age you're accountable and thus can say "yes I believe in Joseph Smith restored the gospel and that ____ is the living prophet in the world today and this church is true" so that you get dunked and have the gift of the holy ghost. Also, as early as 12 (probably earlier) you can go to the temple with a whole bunch of youth to be baptized and get the holy ghost for the dead just like in that video. You don't do the rest and getting in requires a bishop's interview. It's really a rush thing like it looks when you're in a group. Basically quickly say they baptize that dead person, dunk you and bring you up to repeat like ten or so times. And usually the font water is nice and warms and chlorine-y.

But yeah there's a whole bunch of crazy stuff about Mormonism. A podcast I like that covers various topics and how they related to Mormonism is Mormon Expression.

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