So I am transitioning
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11-06-2018, 05:38 PM
RE: So I am transitioning
(11-06-2018 11:53 AM)kim Wrote:  You should inquire at the hospital if they are hiring since, they appear to be clearly understaffed in their processing departments. Dodgy

In this case I am pretty sure that I have been "forgotten" on purpose. The psychiatrist was a complete asshole. And he told me, and I quote: "It will take very long" and when I left, he did not say "good bye" or something normal, his parting words were "We won't see each other again".
He was an asshole throughout the whole session and very clear about the fact that he did not want to work with me and that nobody would want to deal with me.
So yea... there goes him taking "very long" by simply not doing his job at all.

I am glad that my GP is happy to help me though.
And as mentioned, I am also going to call the private one after sleeping to check what nr on the waiting list I am and so on. I will be getting my stupid letter somehow.

Captain Underpants
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11-06-2018, 08:41 PM
RE: So I am transitioning
(06-06-2018 12:47 PM)Leerob Wrote:  So today I called my GP again to check if my letter arrived and of course it has not. So I asked for an appointment which I have next week on Monday morning. I will ask if they can help me as calling the hospital myself didn't actually help. So wish me luck.

On other news I bought a new binder and my first packer. I like the new binder a lot, it fits very well. And the packer. Fuck I love the thing.
Now if you don't know what a packer is. It's a phallus shaped prosthesis to alleviate bottom dysphoria. You put it in a pouch or harness or packer underwear so it stays in place and it gives you a bulge. And it may sound weird, but it's actually very nice to have it on. And quite honestly, those guys born with a penis, I don't think you know to appreciate that you have that there. It's so wonderful to reach down and feel a bulge there. And my packer actually feels very real in that too and takes body temperature easily due to the material. Of course it is still different from one that is actually... well a body part. But this packer comes pretty damn close. Loving it! Feeling very good about myself with it on. Though for now only wearing it at home lol.
cool. the perfect segue to an old, bad Norwegian joke .......
Oly and Olga wanted to get marrried, and at the time in Minnesota they needed to see a doctor prior to getting a marriage certificate.
Now Olga, she stood about 6'2" and 200 pounds of muscle. Oly was this little guy about 5'2" and 120 at best.
The doctor was quite impressed with Olga, " why young lady," he said, "you could play for the Green Bay Packers"
She blushed and said " Oh no, I just vant to play with Oly's packer"

Big Grin
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11-07-2018, 02:26 PM
RE: So I am transitioning
Maybe it's time for an update and trans stuff....

Nothing has been moving so that is why I didn't give any updates.

But the last few weeks things were going on so that now I can give some news.

1. Letter from the psychiatrist:
As the letter still had not arrived after waiting for 5 months, I asked my GP if he can help me there. Because when I called the hospital to ask, nobody picked up the phone and nobody called back either. So my GP wrote a letter requesting the diagnose from the psychiatrist. This was a month ago and of course the letter has still not arrived.

2. Testosterone:
As nothing is moving whatsoever and getting a bridging prescription without a diagnose isn't possible, I started looking for options.
I did find a distributor for Testosterone, I found out how much I need and how to administer it correctly. So I have decided to wait until September (one full year of waiting is then over) and if nothing has moved until then, I will be ordering Testosterone and begin my hormone treatment.
And yes, I know the risk that is involved but honestly there aren't any other options. I keep getting lost in the system for some reason but I need to transition. Without transition, it's not worth going on. So yea.

3. I have contacted a private gender clinic in the UK
This gender clinic is expensive as fuck and the Dr that I got in touch with specifically is really expensive as well but he has a great reputation and is a specialist PLUS he is in a position to give me a bridging prescription as well. I just wrote an initial message and a few days later received an answer to provide more details in case I am still interested in an appointment with him. So today I sent the details.
The automatic reply explained that I should get an answer within 15 working days. If no answer comes within this time frame, he thinks he can't help me and wishes me luck in the future. So now I am really hoping he wants to work with me. The waiting list with this clinic is about 2 or 3 months and they know what they are doing. So yea...

Captain Underpants
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