So I found out today I'm not the "first" black sheep in the family.
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31-08-2012, 07:19 AM
RE: So I found out today I'm not the "first" black sheep in the family.
This doesn't surprise me at all.

Atheists in prior generations were almost all closeted. And IMO there probably were as many as there are today. Same situation as gays, they have always existed but were always closeted.

I bet many, many of us have these skeletons in the family closet. Today's generations are not pioneers in atheism at all, but pioneers in publicly admitted atheism.

As a matter of fact, I think that many families who have some members who are aware of having such a skeleton in their closet are the ones who overreact when a young member openly confesses to being atheist. It scares them that this may be running in their family. It scares them that their own belief may be threatened and that somehow they are tainted.

For the young ones among us - I think you have some surprises like this coming once your parents feel you as an autonomous adult and start opening up a bit.

I didn't find out my own parents were atheist until I was in my 40s. Closet atheists can be closeted very effectively. Some even make the occasional trip to church. The most telling sign may be that they generally don't participate in discussions about god...

I am glad you found this out. For some reason it is very encouraging when one finds out that one is not alone in one's family.


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