So the Danish elections is done
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18-06-2015, 04:10 PM
So the Danish elections is done
And it seem we are facing an interesting time.

The Danish Peoples Party has had their best election to date and are now the second largest party. Their main focus is limiting immigration and safekeeping Danish culture.
they have so far avoided any responsibility by saying no to become part of government but this success seem to me that now they have to get working.

They are now larger than the party who will get the prime-minister chair.

The largest party is the leading party from the now old government, The social Democrats. Which is also a bit surprising as they have had a rough time in these past four years. I think many voters forgot to calculate the effects of the economic crisis what logical set a limit on how much welfare your can have. And welfare is the traditionally the big focus for them.

I'm personally not too happy about this result as I'm leaning to the red side of Danish politics. Which is the ones who cares about welfare and protecting the weak in society. And Danish Peoples Party is pretty much my most hated party. But I'm quite excited, as mentioned to see how things pan out the next four years. I really hope that things don't change as much they haven't done all the other election I have seen. But I'm worried about seemingly growing amount of national socialism in Denmark.
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18-06-2015, 04:13 PM
RE: So the Danish elections is done
National socialism seems to rear its ugly head quite a lot these days.

All the best to Denmark and best of luck keeping the fascists out!

NOTE: Member, Tomasia uses this site to slander other individuals. He then later proclaims it a joke, but not in public.
I will call him a liar and a dog here and now.
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