Social welfare as a way to undermine religion.
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09-12-2012, 06:00 PM
RE: Social welfare as a way to undermine religion.
(08-12-2012 10:30 PM)germanyt Wrote:  
(08-12-2012 10:13 PM)Chas Wrote:  I dispute you 62% number.

However, I seriously dispute people bitching about the cost of entitlements.

They are called entitlements for a reason. We're entitled to them BECAUSE WE FUCKING PAID FOR THEM. Angry
One would argue that since we deficit ourselves 1.2 Trillion dollars per year that we didn't actually pay for ALL the entitlements/defense spending we have. And dispute away, 62% of every federal dollar spent is on entitlements/welfare. The rest is defense and discretionary spending.

Edit. I said gdp but meant federal budget

I paid for my social security and medicare. I PAID FOR IT. I'M ENTITLED TO IT.
It has nothing to do with the budget.

Why are you bringing defense spending into this?

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