Socratic dialogues - lets be poetic thinkers
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14-01-2014, 03:56 PM
Socratic dialogues - lets be poetic thinkers
Hey, why not experiment with some funny dialogues with fictional and real characters like Jesus, Socrates and Nietzsche in a three way chat room or use your imaginations:

I'll start of with one:

what's with Socrates finger pointing upwards ?
what's he saying ?

Socrates: whatever your thinking is up there must be bollocks - Ill prove it by drinking the hemlock.

Surrounding folks: But its God, and you will surely die if you dring the hemlock.

Socrates: How do you know its God ? How do you know I will die ?

Surrounding folks: Drink it and we will have evidence you will die ?

Socrates: Yeh, but will you have evidence for God ?

Surrounding folks: Just drink the God damn hemlock !

Socrates: Your now evading the question !!! How will you have evidence for God ?

Surrounding folks: All you do is ask questions ! Why don't you just drink the hemlock NOW !

Socrates: One day in the future there will be a wise man who will ask "to be or not to be - that is the question ! "

Surrounding folks: We have answered the question Socrates - Don't be, just drink the hemlock because your corrupting the youth.

Socrates: Then there will be another wise man in the future who will ask "Is God dead" ?

Surrounding folks: We are asking - will Socrates be dead ?

Socrates: Then another wise man will pronounce "I think therefore I am"

Surrounding folks: You don't need to worry about that problem Socrates after you drink the hemlock !!! Drink it now and be not !

Socrates: So should I make the greatest sacrifice now, the sacrifice for the truth ! The sacrifice for our youth ! The sacrifice for the sake of reason ! The ultimate sacrifice of being !

Surrounding folks: YES !

Socrates: You do know I will survive in the hearts and minds of all future thinkers ! They will ask "Why did Socrates do this" ?

Surrounding folks: That's right, so start drinking, all we hear is you talk talk talk everyday and keep asking questions treating us like we are ignorant foolish idiots and don't have a clue about anything from God to democracy.

Socrates: But how do you know you are not fools who don't know anything about justice, democracy and God ?

Surrounding folks: .....silence. Really angry faces.AngryAngryAngry

Socrates drinks the hemlock.....and dies.

[Image: Death-of-Socrates-David-006.jpg]

A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence -
David Hume

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