Solstice Day: an alternative winter holiday
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01-12-2013, 12:32 AM
Solstice Day: an alternative winter holiday
Hi there everybody!

I've been on the facebook page periodically, but I never realized there was a forum for TTA before!

Every year (starting last year) around this time, I get to trying to get people to think about Solstice Day, as an inclusive winter holiday, that can be celebrated by anyone and everyone.

Growing up in a Jewish household, I always sort of felt left out around Christmas-time. Then as I made the move toward atheism, I would definitely feel exclusion and boredom around the end of December.

So, da a thinly-veiled effort to get presents too, a few friends and I are bringing winter holidays right back to their roots: a celebration of the Solstice, and we're calling it Solstice Day.

Please throw some support our way by liking the page on facebook, here:
Solstice Day


Here's what the description of the page says:

For those of us who don't always stuff stockings on Christmas, and don't always light candles on Hanukkah, but still like Winter and presents, there's good news! You can celebrate Solstice Day!!

Solstice Day marks the Winter Solstice, when the Sun reaches it's southernmost latitude. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the official start of Winter, and the shortest day of the year.

Solstice Day is an inclusive winter holiday, for people of all worldviews. Everyone is invited, regardless of what you believe, and you can still ring in Solstice Day even if you have other Winter traditions that you observe. The only rule is that you have to have good cheer for all of your fellow human beings, even the ones you don't know yet!

Solstice Day is meant to promote joy in a way that reaches across traditional barriers, be they religious, national, ethnic, or otherwise.

There's no right way to celebrate Solstice Day, so mark the event however you choose, but here are a few things I'd recommend:

- do something nice for a stranger
- try and make the world suck a little less somehow
- go out of your way to make a new friend
- buy gifts for the people you hold most dear

I personally intend to:
- eat Winter seasonal foods, like rutabagas and treviso
- go Solstice-Caroling
- light one candle for each degree of latitude of the Sun
- dress up like a glacier

Ok, just kidding. But I do intend to relax and celebrate the cold days to come with good friends and warm feelings, and you should too! Happy Solstice Day!

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01-12-2013, 12:57 AM
RE: Solstice Day: an alternative winter holiday
Welcome to TTA forums!

I love winter solstice. Growing up, our neighbours would make dozens of ice lanterns out of gallon pails and put them all down our block. On winter solstice where I live it is dark by 430pm at night, so this was always so magical to me.

Last year my mom and dad threw an end of the world party and invited everyone we know, it was so much fun. We basically had open Mic, ate tons of good food and drinks and had fun. It's also my dad and a best friends bday, special day!
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