Solving the problems with the US Health Care System
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25-05-2012, 10:01 AM
Solving the problems with the US Health Care System
Thought I'd start a thread on this subject. This is a very difficult problem to address, as its woes are like a multi headed hydra.

Here, you hospitals and billing departments charging horrendous amounts of money for even basic services, doctors who do a lot of unnecessary tests for fear of being sued, hospitals and private practices which have to take out large malpractice insurance policies. Then there's the lab companies which charge a small fortune for testing.

And that's just the side of the medical practitioners! With the insurance agencies you have insurance companies who won't issue or pull policies for patients who have pre-existing conditions, charge a small fortune for premiums while skimping on coverage and hoardes of loopholes in their policies which allow them to refuse payment on medical procedure. Now the lawyers. Add into the mix a litigious culture which has an irrational demand to have a zero risk life and sues healthcare providers with frivolous lawsuits, not to mention the lawyers which clog the courts with these kinds of cases and cost the healthcare system millions every year.

But it gets worse. Next are the drug companies. Selling chemicals and preying on America's false belief that every one of their woes can be medicated, the push high priced pharmaceuticals for everything from heartburn to thicker eyelashes. All with horrible sounding side effects; You watch these stupid TV ads with an elderly couple slowly riding bicycles down a sunlit country lane while an announcer reads off side effects like bloody mucous coming out of your asshole.

And none of this goes off without the consumer. Americans are some of the most unhealthy people on the planet. Waddling, obese, stuffing their faces with junk food, drinking, smoking, using drugs and then wonder why they have a heart attack or get diabetes at age 40. Ignorant, uneducated consumers who are not inquiring on the costs of medical procedures and whether they are really needed cost millions every year. People go to the ER for minor medical problems and pay $2,200 when they could have only paid $250 at a 24-hour clinic. Also, people are living much longer and are virtually dependent on expensive health care procedures at the end of their lives, which is bankrupting the nation, considering what we're paying annually for MediCare. And top this off with the general public demanding they get all of these services without having to pay one more cent in tax for them.

But perhaps the most despicable group here throwing a monkeywrench in the US healthcare system are the congressional lobbyists who tell you that ANY change in the existing system will kill you. I mean it. These people are the lowest forms of life, scaring old ladies and the sick like that.

So yeah, that's my rant on this. The solutions to all these problems together are not going to be simple or easy. I have been skeptical about having a full scale healthcare system administered by the government, not because I think the government can't or shouldn't, but because I fear that, if we instate said system without addressing all the problems mentioned above, we'll bankrupt the country doing so. All of these problems must be addressed in order to solve the overall medical problem.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts and solutions for this matter.


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Solving the problems with the US Health Care System - Carlo_The_Bugsmasher_Driver - 25-05-2012 10:01 AM

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