Some interesting numbers.....
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18-04-2012, 03:20 PM
Some interesting numbers.....
Study finds: Belief in God varies around the world

William Atkins Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A survey by the independent research organization NORC found
that the belief in God was highest in the Philippines and Catholic countries
when compared to all regions of the world. However, overall the belief in God
was found to be decreasing slowly around the world but not among older people,
where faith is still high.

About God Across Time and Countries” was produced as part of
the General Social Survey by the research organization (NORC), which is
headquartered at the University of Chicago (Illinois, U.S.A.).

The survey, which was performed in 30 countries (at least
once but often times twice) in 1991, 1998, and 2008.

The countries taking part in the survey were: Australia,
Austria, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, France, Germany (East), Germany
(West), Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Israel , Italy, Japan, Latvia, The
Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, The Philippines, Poland,
Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the
United States.

The results of the survey included the following on a belief
in God:

• Varies widely depending on the country and/or culture in
the world from which you live

• Ranged from 94% in people in the Philippines to only 13% in people of the former East Germany.

•Was higher among older people regardless where they lived
in the world. On average, 43% of those aged 68 years and older are certain that
God exists, which is compared to 23% of those 27 years and younger.

• Was high in people of the United States, and much higher in
the U.S. A. than most developed countries with large Protestant populations.
Specifically, 94% of those surveyed said they always had believed in God.

• Was weakest in northwest European countries, like
Scandinavia and the former Soviet states (except for Poland).

• Varied widely with regards to whether they ever believed
in God. Specifically, people of the former East
Germany said they never believed in God 59% of the time,
while people of the United
States said they never believed in God only
4% of the time.

• Is gradually declining worldwide, but it is
increasing in Russia, Slovenia and Israel.

With regards to the question “Does God have concern
with people in a personal way” only 8% of people in the former East
Germany said Yes, while 82% of people in the Philippines answered in the

Tom W. Smith is the director of the General Social Survey,
and he also wrote the report. Smith stated, "Belief in God has
decreased in most countries, but the declines are quite modest especially when
calculated on a per annum basis.” [EurekAlert]

He added, "Looking at differences among age
groups, the largest increases in belief in God most often occur among those 58
years of age and older. This suggests that belief in God is especially likely
to increase among the oldest groups, perhaps in response to the increasing
anticipation of mortality.” [EurekAlert]


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