Something I Wrote - Red Bird
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27-09-2012, 09:01 PM
Something I Wrote - Red Bird
first post - i apologize if i make a mistake here!
i don't usually write this kind of prose, but uhm, i got the idea for it while in chapel today, and i figured it might make something decent.
just as a little piece of background information, i'm currently attending a christian school while atheist, though it's not by force or anything. it's simply because it's the best choice for education around here, so says my parents. private school v. public school sort of thing.

red birds.
i go to school with a flock of birds.
they stand a-top pedestals and micstands clutching leatherbound books.
their feathers are all the same shade of muted gray, some a deeper color than others.
some, like the bird that chirps the loudest, is almost black.
they all chirp the same thing at almost all hours of the day.
“amen, amen.”
sometimes it is with sorrow, and the desperation in their cries is enough to break one’s heart.
more often than not it is with a smile and a nod, a blissful little look that makes me wonder if they realize the weight of their words.
i doubt they do.
i doubt they ever will, so dipped in gray as they are.
my feathers are the bright red of a sunrise, brilliant crimson even in the dimmest of lights.
i do not fit in among the masses of monochrome; i hide my feathers within the depths of gray, never letting them slip out, not even for a minute, a second. not even for a moment.
my mother says i’m beautiful.
my mother does not understand the harsh jeers of children, old enough to be cruel, too young to be empathetic.
mother says that there may be other red-feathered birds in my school.
she’s not completely wrong; here and there, among the gray, you can catch a speckle of red, just for a moment. a dapple, rarely more than a splotch.
i hope that that splotch will one day grow, like the healing of a new bruise.
but i have never met another red-feathered bird.
i fear i may be the only one.
my mother tells me that my mind shines the brightest.
maybe it would’ve been better if it had just stayed in the dark.
still, sometimes, when they forget to slam a window shut with songs and praises of “amen, amen,” we catch a single sliver of bright, blue sky; like the clearest of water, the most beautiful thing you can ever behold. sunlight streams through the open air, and to me, it feels like freedom. when the window is open, just for that moment, i breathe in truth.
and then, the window is slammed down with a smile, and a new leatherbound bearing a golden cross on the front is put before me.

but i will always remember sunlight.
when all of the other birds are shackled to the earth, i will be the one to fly the furthest.
i will prove that red is beautiful.
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