Something completely different…
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03-12-2011, 04:34 AM
Something completely different…
Okay, this is where we can come and say “I did X today and it was awesome!”
It’s a feel good/new ideas/facing fears/out of comfort zone kinda thread.
First time on a motorbike?
Went sky diving?
Learnt to drive a car?
Acted in a play?
Anything you had some fun doing and want to share the experience.

I started down this rabbit hole, so here I go.
I don’t go swimming, go to the beach etc.
And yet today I found myself on a mates’ yacht sailing round the gulf!
I’ve been on little boats before and am not overly fond of them.
But this was just so much fun!
Had to do things like raise the sail and go from one side to the other as we zig zaged (tacked) into a head wind with the boat lent over.
Almost put it on its side due to someone (not me) failing to follow directions!

Just a rush, but not the usual adrenalin surging faster faster sort of thing I usually chase.
Such a civilised way to travel, no thump, thump, thump associated with the outboard driven brethren, and just so quiet!
Sitting on the side next to my wife with my feet getting dunked from time to time, as the sun cut through the block and the spray kept us cool.
It’ll be one of the memories I will always treasure.

I’m typing this, burnt and sore, and it still feels like I’m moving, but if you haven’t ever been on a yacht and one day have the chance then go for it!

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. Friedrich Nietzsche
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03-12-2011, 04:07 PM
RE: Something completely different…
(03-12-2011 04:34 AM)Karl Wrote:  Anything you had some fun doing and want to share the experience.

I have to reach into fading memories again. What were the happy moments in my life? That should give me a clue.

- My earliest memory of happiness is a huge mountain of sand (must have been about five feet high). It was dumped on the ground in our backyard, I forget why, but we kids thought it was just for us to play in. It was bigger than any sand-pile I had seen before and it was wet right through – you could really build with it. The castle I built was awesome. It had turrets, a courtyard, a mote, it was so big, you could stick your arm right through the gate beyond the draw-bridge.

- My first dog, a beautiful little puppy - I called him “Lightning” because he could run so fast. I am hugging him to myself with so much love that the puppy squirms and cries to get free. I was the youngest of three children and now I had somebody even smaller than me. Somebody who would be only mine, would understand me as nobody else did. I would teach him such neat tricks that everyone would be amazed.

- Playing Ping-Pong in the yard. We did not have a proper table, we dragged the dining and kitchen tables out for the two sides, put a board in the middle for the net and used my Mother’s cutting boards for bats. Only the ball was real. My Father used to be local champion in his youth and he wanted to teach us well. We each had specialties: my big brother was good at spinning, my sister was good at defense, and I was awarded the title of ‘slamming-king’. I still remember beaming with pleasure and pride when my accomplishment was recognized.

- Playing a two-violin piece at a concert with Rose, the other leading student at music school. The double challenge of playing my part well and having to harmonize with hers, took all my concentration. When it was over, the ovation we received was a pleasant surprise – I had forgotten we were on stage!

- Performing on the horizontal bar in a gymnastics competition: I still remember the tension in my arms as the centrifugal force wanted to tear me away from the bar as I was swinging my wiry, seventeen-year-old body full circles around it. I remember thinking that if I could fly like this, I could do anything.

- Playing the lead solo guitar in a rock band at eighteen, during the high school graduation party, made me burst with pride and accomplishment – we had to chase away the kids from all the other classes who wanted to crash, as we were the only ones with live music.

- Winning a bet by skiing down a slope at high speed and shooting through between two trees that were closer than the width of my body – I had to turn sideways at the critical moment – gave me an intense sense of control and mastery. Right behind the trees, there was a sharp drop in the ground that sent me flying through the clear blue sky, giving me a feeling of utter freedom.

- The middle of the night in the University dorm-library, after hours of battling a complicated mathematical equation, I suddenly saw the beauty and simplicity of the solution. I was giddy with excitement as I realized that moments like this made life worth living.

- Sailing solo in a rented boat across the bay of Tihany in Hungary, in a near-gail wind, when even the tiniest miscalculation would result in capsizing or ramming the pier at the docking maneuver – I still feel the beauty of perfectly harmonized movements as I swept beside the pier, dropped the sail and anchor just in time to lasso the post before the boat rushed by it, swinging out of control.

- Reciting my own poem at a literary competition, winning first prize and congratulatory reviews, seeing it in print the first time ever, made me feel as if I had a close rapport with the world, where what I felt was important and appreciated.

- Having just finished my microcomputer operating system and seeing it work in 1973 when nobody talked about micros yet – in spite of everybody telling me it couldn’t be done on the little machine we had – I was happier than I ever remember being before.

I keep saying that life is wonderful, while I fully know how lucky and blessed I have been all my life!

If there were a god, I would thank him for it, while cursing him for not being so kind to so many people in the world! SmileAngry
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