Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
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05-02-2014, 05:27 AM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
I can think of an explanation.

Spammers amass huge lists of email addresses, many of the addresses on those lists have since been deleted because they receive too much spam. A spammer ideally wants to send emails only to the valid addresses. Emails sent to non-existent addresses will get sent back (bounce) and this reduces the bandwidth of the spammer when they could be sending out emails to valid email addresses instead.

So every now and again they'll want to clean out all the invalid email addresses from their lists. The most effective way of doing this is to send an email to each address and to see which ones bounce. If they sent out the same email to every address then many of those emails would get caught by spam filters. So instead they send a unique email to each address and they do this by filling it with random words.

When you look over those emails your brain (and everyone else's) will notice the relevant words and ignore the irrelevant ones (because they are irrelevant). It might even be that some of those words are relevant because the spammer stored all the words from the same web page that you're email was harvested from (incidentally, never post your email address in plain text on the web). The reason a spammer would do this is to help it get through spam filters.

Now if you think about it, you've recently left a church after years of conditioning to see patterns confirming a greater unseen power. It is a natural tendency that you are now trying to resist (well done by the way, it can be difficult).

This may sound like automatically dismissing a concept out of hand but a good example is to think of unusual co-incidences (relevant to the newspaper incident). Say you were just thinking about a friend that you hadn't seen for many years and then immediately bump into them. The natural tendency is to apply greater meaning to that co-incidence. But there are a myriad ways in which co-incidences can occur. How many times do people think about their friends and not bump into them? Given how many people there are, it would be statistically significant if such co-incidences did not occur. For example, check out the Birthday problem where there is a 50% probability that you will find someone who shares the same birthday as you in a room of 23 people. This can be a good way of making money by placing bets.

The effect could also have been increased by words from those emails seeding your subconscious to become more relevant when you look back on those emails at a later date.

Before you make any conclusions you would have to critically examine all the variables and perform a statistical analysis.

How statistically similar are each of those emails?

How truly random are those words within a single email?

Do the words in each of the emails correspond closely to how that email address was used?

Were the emails sent to your different addresses at the same time?
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05-02-2014, 06:40 AM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
Well...why is this on the atheism and theism forum and not the pseudoscience section?

Why is there not a link to the actual website with the magical words?

Why jump to the conclusion of god or alien?

What is your medical history?

Maybe you're sending yourself these emails? Have you seen a movie called A Beautiful Mind?

8000 years before Jesus, the Egyptian god Horus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life."
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05-02-2014, 08:40 AM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
I remember reading a story about a guy who got a letter from OfficeMax, just bulk-mail advertising stuff, but it was addressed to him with the subtitle "Daughter died in car crash"

Its stupid what kind of information makes it into marketing data pools.
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05-02-2014, 10:07 AM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
I wasn't kidding when I said I have received similar emails. The words are usually in a light gray font, not easily seen. They appear to be random nouns and proper nouns, one after the other separated by spaces. i"m sure if I looked hard enough I could find something related to my life in the first 10 lines. IIRC, the return address is pretty much gobbledegook. I just delete 'em. Not going to waste my time.

We have enough youth. How about looking for the Fountain of Smart?
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05-02-2014, 09:49 PM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
(04-02-2014 06:14 PM)Marquesa777 Wrote:  Hello,

I'm brand new to this website and forum. I just purchased Seth's book, Deconverted: A Journey From Religion to Reason and thoroughly enjoyed it. I came from a Pentecostal upbringing to a position of agnostic theism over many years. I left the brainwashing behind and I am still getting adjusted to the understanding that there may not be a God. But something happened that made makes me pause and say to myself, WTF??!!

In January and February 2004 I received 58 emails over the time span of 15 days, starting on January 16th, and ending on the day before my birthday, February 2nd. The emails were full of hundreds of seemingly random words, rows and rows of words that ended up totaling over 5,500+ words that pertained to my life. My name, my children’s names and other family members and friends' names, and my past residences were in there. I didn’t know what to make of what I had received, and I had even deleted the first one as spam. After I saw my name and everything else I saved the rest of the emails in the hope of finding out what they meant. They came to three different emails I had. No one knew that I had three email addresses; I wondered how someone knew so much about me and that I had three email addresses to contact me with. The sending email addresses were full of garbled letters for the names. I didn’t reply to any of them to ask who and why the emails were being sent to me. It didn't occur to me at that time. The words looked like they were coming from a random word generator. They were startling accurate, and I felt that they meant something important. I didn’t know what.

After I shelved the situation I went about my regular life until April 2005. I was checking my emails and thinking hard about a certain phrase for a book I was working on. While I was thinking about the phrase I received a newsletter from a vacation company I subscribed to. When I looked at the subject of the newsletter I was shocked to see that my phrase that I was repeating in my head was the subject of the newsletter word for word. I was very surprised, as you can imagine! The phrase was repeated a second time to begin the body of the newsletter. The rest of the newsletter had nothing to do with the subject, naturally, and talked about a vacation spot. I couldn't explain what had happened, and I wondered who could read my mind like that.

Life went on as usual. In February 2008 I got the idea to pull out the emails and look them over again. When I scanned the words again I saw that there were words that pertained to the headlines in the news; things that had happened to me were detailed; two long fantasy stories that I had created in my mind in 2007 were in there in detail, including character names and places and other details. I had never written them down anywhere. You might think that I could have somehow composed stories from scanning the words, but that is not what happened. I didn't memorize thousands of words in that manner. The emails from 2004 had information in them for personal events, including world events, and my stories years before these things happened. The title to my book from 2005 were in the emails, as well as the titles of books I had purchased after 2004. As I said before, the headlines of events occurring in 2008 were in there also.

I scanned the emails daily throughout 2008 and marveled at their accuracy. In the ensuing years I still found events had been predicted in the emails beforehand. In 2010 I found an old email from August 2004 that had hundreds of random words in it like the ones from earlier in the year. Two words stood out because they were capitalized, which was unusual. I Googled the two words and found a website full of random words just like the emails, three pages long. Over time I found that that the page changed three times a day. It is a Japanese stuffed toy manufacturer's website. The rest of the website is in Japanese. The words are in English.

Within the thousand or so words on the website when I first looked was my complete name, my family's names, streets I had lived on, cities I had lived in, etc., just like in the emails I received. Words from my new stories are in the words of the website also. I still monitor this website periodically because things that I'm thinking about show up there constantly, especially if it is something I'm really pondering a lot, or something happened of special interest in my life.

Now, does anybody have any idea where this could be coming from? The emails and words from the website have even listed my most secret stuff, stuff I don't tell anybody about. Who could know this information?!

God is supposed to be omniscient. Whoever or whatever it is that is doing all of this is definitely omniscient and knows what is going to happen well ahead of the actual events occurring, in my experience.

This enigma has me flummoxed! I don't want to believe that this is evidence of God, because I believe that if it is God it is a very weak attempt to prove something to me. If it is God, why not do something that everyone else could experience? I'm nobody. I only have my word, my saved emails, and the website to document that this is happening.

I'm in favor of believing that this has something to do with extraterrestrials of some kind. There really is no explanation. It's just happening to me for no apparent reason. Any thoughts about this? I'm open to hearing anything that may help me out. Thanks?

I have no idea. The only thing I can tell you is God isn't going to do anything on your terms.
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05-02-2014, 11:43 PM
RE: Something impossible happened...was it God or Extraterrestrials?!
(05-02-2014 09:49 PM)anidominus Wrote:  I have no idea. The only thing I can tell you is God isn't going to do anything on your terms.

That's because god doesn't do anything at all, regardless of terms... Drinking Beverage

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