Soooo where did the first "stuff" come from?
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19-02-2014, 04:54 PM
RE: Soooo where did the first "stuff" come from?
(18-02-2014 08:37 PM)Pearl Wrote:  Looking around online trying to pump myself with all sorts of information for when I get into a real life debate with a "believer", I keep finding the issue of this. When it comes down to it, the christians always seem to be able to end the argument when they point out that even if evolution and the big bang were true, where did the first "stuff" come from?

I know a handful of devout christians that believe in evolution and the big bang and their entire premise for continuing to believe in a god rest on the notion that something can't come from nothing so there has to be a something or someone.

I find this hard to argue with and it often leaves me with a dumbfounded look on my face, so I ask you all, where did the first "stuff" come from do you think?

The only honest answer is we don't know. But on what basis does anyone assume that the default is nothingness? Maybe the default is stuff and "nothing" is impossible. We've already got stuff and no one has ever found "nothing". Even empty space is stuff. We can't logically throw out the possibility that matter and energy have always existed? After all that is what thermodynamics says, they can not be created or destroyed. So they always existed and will always exist but forever changing form.

Also you might want to check out the Big Bounce Theory and quantum loop gravity. Scientists are starting to question the whole singularity thing and are starting to think that matter and energy can only be compressed so far before they bounces back and expand outward at high velocity. If this theory can be confirmed, and I don't know how they can, but if it can we may have an answer to the question of where did the universe come from.

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20-02-2014, 02:40 PM
RE: Soooo where did the first "stuff" come from?
Being the mischievous shit I am...

I would probably just make up some ambiguous double speak bollocks that goes way over their heads. Just for a laugh.

Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire... and bullshit with bullshit.



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