Sources for stats about atheism growth
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30-08-2014, 07:17 AM
RE: Sources for stats about atheism growth
(29-08-2014 02:22 PM)Grasshopper Wrote:  
(29-08-2014 02:10 PM)phil.a Wrote:  OK bear in mind that's for the UK - there's a similar trend in the US but numbers of non-religious are still quite a bit lower than the UK (about 20% i think)

Edit: found this

One way to interpret that chart is that Protestants are de-converting, while Catholics are still chugging right along in their beliefs, oblivious to any trends. As an ex-Catholic, part of me wants to say "Yes! You go, Catholics!" Of course, in reality, I know the Catholics are just as deluded as the rest of 'em.

I wonder, though, if atheists in England are more willing to admit it. Here in the US, there is still a significant stigma attached to atheism. I would bet that a lot of the people who identify as Protestant or Catholic in the polls are really atheist or agnostic, and just aren't willing to "go public". So the "real" numbers are probably a bit different than what the chart shows.

Partially yes it is the rather large stigma in the US for being an atheist. Many people don't want to come out publicly because of how negatively atheists are viewed and treated. Partially it's because Americans are retarded. 45% believe in evolution. Forty. Five. Percent. Just let the stupid sink in for a sec.

As to Catholics, educated Catholics are more tolerant of a non-theistic catholic stance. My mother and their priest swear I'm still catholic even though I believe none of the supernatural aspects. They claim it doesn't matter and even agree with much of what I say.
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30-08-2014, 08:13 AM
RE: Sources for stats about atheism growth
(30-08-2014 12:19 AM)phil.a Wrote:  So basically - we off-loaded our religion problem on to you guys, sorry bout that :-)

Try persecuting them, perhaps they'll go somewhere else? Worked for us!


That was hilarious, thanks.
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