Speaking on behalf - appropriate, correct?
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18-12-2012, 04:50 PM
Speaking on behalf - appropriate, correct?
I don't know why I starting thinking about this... maybe it's because I spend so much time with you hellbound heathens... who knows.

Anyway, is it acceptable to speak on behalf of someone or a group of people?

You've seen the topic... someone comes by with a question for theists (Theists! Explain _______), and as everyone waits patiently for me to answer, a few heathens chime in and answer as if they were Christians.

"Well, when I was a Christian I believed _______."
"A Christian would probably say ______."

And, it's not just atheists doing this.... I know I answer for atheists all the time... because... like I said, I spend so much time here, I feel like I know how y'all think.

A few points are raised, though.

1) No True Scotsman (you can't answer for a Christian because you never really were a Christian because you're an atheist now).

This poses some validity because you now disassociate yourself from that group and no longer think like that group. It was your line of thinking that ultimately led you away from Christianity, which means that you never truly believed in the most absolute sense. Somewhere, there was some doubt. This doubt ultimately led to your atheism whether it was reached through rationale, logic, or simply reading the Bible.

Christianity requires an "engulfing, unshakable" faith... and anyone who does not have that will move away from it. Hence, No True Scotsman. You never were because you never had that type of faith.

2) Speaking from ignorance (this is contingent on the acceptance of my first point).

This isn't saying that you're stupid, unintelligent, or uniformed; however, this is simply stating that you are speaking from a point of view that was never reached or is unobtainable. If you were never really a Christian, but was under the guise that you were, then you can never speak on behalf or know a true Christian point of view because of ignorance.

Both of these points hold true for me as well. Upon further self reflection, maybe I was never an atheist because I still had faith... no matter how small... it was still there. I can't speak as an atheist because I was never an atheist because if I was, I would still be one - No True Scotsman.

Likewise, I can't speak on behalf of atheists because I'm not one... no matter how much I learn or how much I'm around them... I will always be ignorant because being an atheist and having an atheistic point of view is unobtainable for me; therefore, I can never give an accurate answer.

I mean... I know my wife well... I could answer for her and tell you what she's thinking, and she would probably vouch for it... BUT, I could never 100% be correct in what she is thinking or her point of view because I am not her and will never be her.

What do y'all think?

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