Stand Alone Complex
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02-08-2015, 04:33 PM
RE: Stand Alone Complex
(02-08-2015 04:10 PM)Alla Wrote:  
(31-07-2015 03:34 AM)BlackMason Wrote:  The bible is a clear cut case of a stand alone complex. In the old testament, God is a blood thirsty maniac. In the new testament he is a tree hugging hippie that practically says "Make love not war". It could be the case that God is simply bipolar and that is the reason for his sudden change of heart. Or it could be a stand alone complex where the authority and identity of the original are assumed for credibility purposes to advance a completely different agenda. A change in M.O.
This is the case that biblical God both Justice and Mercy.
In both OT and NT God teaches that He is Justice and Mercy.
Jesus is not all hugging hippie. Read in NT about what He did at the Temple to those who were selling stuff.
Read in OT about how Jesus was saving house of Israel many, many times

Or the time he stopped Mr. Freeze from plummeting Gotham into an ice age.

Wait nevermind. Wrong comic book.
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