Star Trek
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27-02-2016, 09:10 AM
RE: Star Trek
(21-02-2016 04:11 PM)philosopher Wrote:  Maybe it's because I'm young, but I can't stand TOS, and I'm a huge Trekkie. I've tried several times, and I can't get past the bad acting. There's a reason TOS only lasted three seasons. But I absolutely love ST2009's reboot of TOS.. incredible. I feel like Abrams screwed it up by reusing a lot of 2009 in ITD, but whatever. Huge VOY fan, with TNG close behind. I watched DS9 but was never into its spiritualism theme. Never did watch ENT because, again, horrendous acting. Plus, the theme song had lyrics, and that's when I knew it was going to be a travesty.

I liked the original series. I loved Voyager and DS9 was ok. I couldn't get passed Scott Bacula being the captain in Star Trek Enterprise. Between that and far better effects than the original series which it was supposed to predate, I kept expecting the captain to look in the mirror at the beginning of the episode and say "Oh boy.". And maybe for Al to pop in as well.
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