Starting My First Blovel on Halloween
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05-10-2012, 12:10 AM
Starting My First Blovel on Halloween
I’m going to start my blovel on Halloween. I’m very excited about it. Like I put in my sig, I believe blovels are the future of fiction. Right now, if you go to the blog, it’s just an announcement saying the story is going to start on the 31st of October. But I have it pretty well laid out, so if anyone has a suggestion beforehand, by all means let me know.

I think while I’m waiting to start, I’ll try to write a Wikipedia article about blogs, maybe make a YouTube video explaining them. I’ve actually done quite a bit of research on them. Did you know that right now, near as I can tell, there are no blovels on the web? No active ones, anyway.

Me and this other writer, Daniel, have been going back and forth critiquing his attempt at a blovel. He calls his a blogel. But no one else uses that term, only him. And in truth, I’m not sure he’s really continuing with it. He seldom posts, and he’s basically just taking a manuscript he has, breaking it up and posting it in bits. Technically, that’s not a blovel. A blovel is written on the fly and often uses reader comments as suggestions for how the story should develop. But I owe a lot to Daniel for him being the first to put something out there and for me to bounce off it in the creation of my blovel.

I'm going to give this a full effort for a year. I just turned 48, and I'm going to do it until I'm 49, no matter whether it seems like it's succeeding or not (whatever succeeding means). Rolleyes
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