State of Decay
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21-09-2013, 06:30 PM
State of Decay
Fun zombie game in development. Like a zombie game should be. You gather supplies establish outposts for survivors and make improvements on your base and call in people to gather supplies and also have them come along on missions or just bashing zombies. You can also switch between many different survivors. Your skills improve while using melee weapons, firearms, and even running. As I said its still in development and the zombies sometimes get stuck in walls and bodies of water disappear if you shoot them. Which is kinda funny. Zombies will also jump on your car(as of now the place is littered with them) and try to break it apart. Also have to watch out for hordes of zombies. The game also has a few references to zombie culture like the Walking Dead and even Plants vs Zombies. All and all so far its a blast to play.Thumbsup
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