Staying healthy!
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13-08-2012, 01:00 AM
Staying healthy!
As I have told many on here before, I am an atheist who goes to church with my wife to make her happy. I was reading the church bulletin yesterday during the service, because that is how I occupy myself when I get bored. I noticed that there were so many prayer requests for healing and peace and healing, among other things many involving cancer. My wife and I eat well. We buy organic whenever we can (most of the time). We stay away from anything containing aspartame. I am reasonably certain that neither of us will ever have cancer. It amazes me that they will pray for help, however they don't want to hear it when someone tells them about things that cause cancer.

It makes me crazy how many things that are bad for us are allowed into our foods, in the interest of maximizing profits. Any ideas how I can get these people to listen to me? Also, if you are a theist do you think it is crazy to attempt to stay healthy? I am just curious about that second question. To me the ones that won't listen are the crazy ones.
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