Steam Issues?
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12-12-2011, 11:56 AM
Steam Issues?
So, I've been a Steam member for a couple of years now. I go through periods where all I do is game, and then I have stretches where I don't. I bought a bunch of games to play on my desktop last year, and most of them really didn't work. Except for Left 4 Dead (and 2), and some of the simpler games like Plants vs. Zombies and what not. I tried playing GTA IV, Ghostbusters, Fallout 3, and none of them worked. I thought it was my desktop. So, since I was planning on either rebuilding that one from the ground up, or getting something didn't really matter *too* much. This summer I bought a fancy new gaming laptop, and I was so excited to download the games that I'd been playing via Steam. The ones mentioned and DON'T JUDGE....The Sims 3. I said don't judge!!! LOL Tongue

Wouldn't you know it...I have had the same bugs with each of these games. They either don't start, or crash mid play, or are so buggy that all I can do is watch the thing melt in front of me. I was so disappointed that I spent all this money and I get crap. To test and make sure it's not my (brand effing new) laptop, I got out my Oblivion and Sims 3 disks and played them both without a problem. It was amazingly smooth on this laptop, so these bugs are not from my computer.

Have any of you had problems like this? And how did you remedy this, if at all?

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