Stephen King's "Desperation"
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23-02-2011, 08:57 AM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
Diclonius > Good call on Insomnia. I really liked that one too.

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23-02-2011, 09:03 AM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
Oddly I don't think I've read Insomnia. There are a few SK books I have not read but I continue to catch up. I think I've actually given up on IT as I've tried to read it 3 times and quit each time.
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23-02-2011, 12:31 PM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"

Insomnia is well worth the read. As far as IT goes, it's definitely a long book, but I was able to read through it. I can't do it again though lol.
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23-02-2011, 12:48 PM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
Big SK fan - although I'll agree on some of what was said about his endings. But personally I've usually got enough invested in the concept and characters that I enjoy it all the way through.

I also liked the ending of the Dark Tower. Sue me.

If you like Desperation, you should read its companion book The Regulators. Written by "Richard Bachman" instead of King, it uses the same characters but in a totally different story. Think of it as an acting troupe doing a different play. If you have the hardback versions of the novels, you'll notice the cover for the Regulators has a partial image for Desperation, and vice versa (this may only be in some printings, I'm not really sure). Being a graphics/art/printing guy, I thought that touch was pretty awesome.

In regards to the Mist movie ending - I liked it for its balls. It's a horror movie based on a horror novella and it really punched you in the stomach. Then kicked you in the teeth and peed on your leg. As a horror fan, I loved it. As a human, I hated it. Which was the intended purpose, I think.

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25-04-2011, 12:22 PM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
Stephen King's "Desperation" was the first book that I read written by him and it was the first horror book that actually made me feel scared as I was reading it. What always sticks out in my mind is pretty much at the beginning of the book where "Tak" the officer has them all in the cells and he does scary and awful things. (I don't know how much I should divulge about the book in detail, I don't want to ruin it for anyone that might want to read this novel for the first time after reading this thread!)

There was actually a tv series that they made (as there have been many adaptations from many of Stephen King's novels) and I have to admit the old saying, it was not as good as the book! The book was scarier!

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03-08-2011, 03:28 PM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
(22-02-2011 09:39 PM)Stark Raving Wrote:  I did like Desperation, but didn't think it was one of his better books. If he'd kept it a little more "realistic" I think it would have been creepier. I find he sometimes takes a really good idea and runs out of the stadium with it. I like it better when he makes the touchdown, stays in the end zone and spikes the ball. Perfect example: The Long Walk. (I know, novella not a novel, but I think THAT'S one of his best works)
Sometimes I wonder if he'd been better off staying with his domestic violence phase. (Rose Madder was fodder, but at least it was GOOD fodder)

I agree completely. I feel the same way about much of Kings work. I loved The Stand, until the last 3rd or so of the book where it became unbelievable. I couldn't even finish it, and that's saying something seeing as the first 2/3 of that book are a true work of literary awesome. This is also why I'm skeptical of "Duma Key" as I've heard the same things in reviews, (starts off great...ends in unrealistic garbage). I've also read the first 4 of The Dark Towers books and there are moments where the creatures and circumstances presented are horribly unrealistic and unbelievable. I actually really liked Desperation, but I read it when I was probably around elementary school age, so who knows how I'd approach it today.

By far the worst King book I've encountered so far is "Cell", and two of the greatest I've encountered are "The Long Walk" and "Rage".
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03-08-2011, 07:09 PM
RE: Stephen King's "Desperation"
" Perfect example: The Long Walk. (I know, novella not a novel, but I think THAT'S one of his best works)"-SR

Finally someone else who has not only read this one, but enjoyed it!! Huzzah!!. I love this novella, it's my favorite king book of all time and one of my favorite stories of all time period.
As for King's books, I've read almost all of them and I tend to prefer the ones written as Bachman. My top three, followed by my bottom three.
1.The Long Walk
2.Pet Semetary
3.The Running Man or Roadwork

1.The Tommy Knockers
2.Needful Things

I have a hard time with his longer books, because I always feel that they are run on, in need of shortening. Plus everyone is right, his endings usually suck. I hated the ending in Desperation it was too preachy somehow. Also Under The Dome had an interesting concept but poor execution. I really just didn't like the Tommy Knockers at all, it was bad all over.
As for The Mist movie ending, I thought it was terrible, the book for once was much better. It didn't make any sense that he would do what he did, I mean they had a chance, besides right after he does it everything is ok???? Crap. The rest of the movie was pretty good however.
I hope they make Cell into a movie because I enjoyed that one quite a bit.

Here's a question, has anyone other than me seen Stephen Kings version of The Shining? That's right unbelievers Stephen King helped make his own version of the film because he was so displeased with Kubriks version (which I like). I own it so commence jealousy. Though it's not that great I do like it as well, almost better than the Kubrik version. It aired as a two parter on TV.
I also liked the TV versions of The Langoliers and The Stand (another book with a sub par ending) Both are impossible to find on DVD.

Ron Perlman kicks ass. (Desperation tie in) I enjoyed in the movie (which was awful) how he said Tak all the time. I wondered how they would do it, and in the end they just did it.

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