Stigmata as proof?
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27-08-2014, 05:41 PM
RE: Stigmata as proof?
This is a fascinating article on, I think, the only bones of a crucified man ever found by archaeologists. His bones were found in a burial box in a tomb. Here is the ankle bone of the foot in which the nail has been pierced going sideways.

[Image: 1995-2067$5~ankle%20bone%20with%20a%20nail.jpg]

Here is the article.,_21_CE

Just a couple of quotes from the article on nailing this particular victim.

"According to the literary sources, those condemned to crucifix¬ion never carried the complete cross, despite the common belief to the contrary and despite the many modern reenactments of Jesus' walk to Golgotha. Instead, only the crossbar was carried, while the upright was set in a permanent place, where it was used for subsequent executions. As the first-century Jewish historian Josephus noted, wood was so scarce in Jerusalem during the first century A.D. that the Romans were forced to travel 10 miles from Jerusalem to secure timber for their siege machinery. Zias and Sekeles write:

One can reasonably assume that the scarcity of wood may have been expressed in the economics of crucifixion in that the crossbar as well as the upright would be used repeatedly. Thus the lack of traumatic injury to the forearm and metacarpals of the hand seems to suggest that the arms of the condemned were tied rather than nailed to the cross. There is ample literary and artistic evidence for the use of ropes rather than nails to secure the condemned to the cross."

It could very well be that if indeed Jesus did exist and was crucified, that he was tied with ropes to the crossbar, not nailed.

"Whether the victim's arms were tied, rather than nailed to the cross is irrelevant to the manner of his dying, as Zias and Sekeles point out:

Death by crucifixion was the result of the manner in which the condemned hung from the cross and not the traumatic injury caused by nailing. Hanging from the cross resulted in a painful process of asphyxiation, in which the two sets of muscles used for breathing, the intercostal [chest] muscles and the diaphragm, became progressively weakened. In time, the condemned man expired, due to the inability to continue breathing properly."

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