Stories of supreme stupidity
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17-07-2013, 08:14 AM
Stories of supreme stupidity
I'm putting this here because at least one of these directly relates to "news" online.

So, I have a Facebook friend (let's call them...Derply) who posted this article a few days ago with the caption that was something like "What?"

That's right, they thought the Onion was reporting real news. Derply bought it. Derply then sent that message to another friend of mine (let's call her Ginger). Who promptly told Derply that the Onion is BS. Of course, I am not sure if this really sunk in or not since Derply never removed the story from her page...

The best part? Derply's status only a few hours before was "Knowledge is not everything. And it fails all the time. I have to believe in something higher and greater than people and myself, because knowledge will never be enough."

And to paraphrase what Ginger first said to me regarding the above facebook quote, "well of course knowledge isn't everything if you get your news from the Onion!"

The second story I am going to tell is not my own and is instead from a friend. This friend (let's call him Steve) has a (this is going to get confusing and I apologize) brother who's father-in-law is a bit of a dunce. Let's just call this guy, KKKarl. He was telling a story to Steve about how the Ark (yes, Noah's boat) had electricity. And so did the pyramids. Even better than that? He knows they were 3 prong outlets.

I have no idea where the info for that last story came from. Anyone heard it before?
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