Stupid things we did as believers...
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14-12-2011, 07:25 PM
Stupid things we did as believers...
Just curious what stupid things others did when they were believers that they now regret, or are ashamed or embarrassed about.

Me... well, when I was a teen I loved playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading the related novels, comics, etc. I had quite a collection. I was Catholic and my mom disapproved, but did not forbid me. But my protestant friends were forbidden to play it, so we did it secretly. Their churches taught it was completely evil, occult, satanic, etc.

One summer, I got a call from some of my friends that were working as counselors at the bible camp. Apparently there had been some demon possession of a kid and all kinds of spooky stuff etc. and it was all tied to D&D. I was skeptical about the claims of the story, but also fascinated. Long story short, even though I was still dubious about the whole possession thing, they did succeed in convincing me that D&D was sinful, and they got me to burn all of my D&D related stuff. Probably over $1,000 worth of books, etc. Most of them we burned quietly just me, a friend, and one of the parents - because it was a huge pile. But we saved a couple books to burn in front of all the other camp kids during the nightly campfire as a witness to them.

Looking back I feel like such a tool for doing that and I miss my books.

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14-12-2011, 08:02 PM (This post was last modified: 14-12-2011 08:07 PM by Erxomai.)
RE: Stupid things we did as believers...
I was one of the protestant kids that wasn't allowed to play. Sad

Also couldn't listen to rock music because legend had it, some missionaries returned from Africa and hear rock for the first time and reported that the Backbeat was the same beat that the natives used to conjure up demons with their jungle drums.

So no Led Zeppelin. Sad
And lots of Neil Diamond and ABBA. Undecided

I'm actually surprised this goofiness continues today:

Demon Music

It's a really long Fundy rant that I wouldn't want you to have too much exposure to for your own good. I, however, am a trained professional and am immune to their ways, so I picked out this gem for you:

Quote:Now it's the music of the druids that I wish now to draw your attention to. They used flutes, tambourines and drums covered with human skin. The words for every song or melody were especually designed for CASTING OCCULT SPELLS. The drum beat was the key to addict the listener. It was a form of HYPNOTISM. Most importanly, the same beat the druids used is in the ROCK MUSIC of today. And I mean BOTH hard and soft rock. The beat is STILL there.

The Beatles opened up a Pandora's box when they hit the United States with their druid/rock beat in the 1960's. They became so popular that they were able to turn young people on to the Eastern religions. The flood gates to witchcraft were opened by this pop group from Liverpool in England, and the United States - indeed the WHOLE WORLD - will NEVER RECOVER. The music of witchcraft is now SO ENTRENCHED in homes around the world that we, today, face a situation not dissimilar from the years immediately prior to the Great Flood in Noah's day.

Now this invasion by the music of witchcraft, which is what rock music is, was well planned. It wasn't an "accident". One of the greatest victories in the occult world was to penetrate the "Christian" music with their satanic beat. I know of Christian youth who destroyed their rock records but after listening to "Christian rock", the druid beat soon pulled them to worldly rock music again. Then the desire to study the Bible cools off!

Snopes: Why should the Devil have all the good music?

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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