Stymied by syntax and facts in debate
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22-10-2014, 08:09 PM
Stymied by syntax and facts in debate
So I signed up to the Worthy Christian Forums in an attempt to broaden the types of people I talk to about things. I had intended to hang out in the non-religion, non-science sections and bullshit about movies with a different, more uptight, group of people.

More fool me, that's apparently not allowed over there. "Nonbelievers" are bared from posting on the vast majority of the site. So I've been dabbling in the debate sections. Which has been almost entirely made up of confusing syntax and outright lies. Unsurprisingly.

What's worse is I'm apparently not very good at it.

I'm after help for the conversation/ debate in this thread:

Starting on page two there's been a discussion on a variety of topics. I'd appreciate any input you could offer on any point but I'm specifically after more information on or help debunking:
Quote:You're gonna need another "Theory".

First of all "Time" is Immaterial. What is Time? Stephen Hawking writes a 200 page book: "A Brief History of Time"...look in the glossary, what's Missing? You guessed it...."TIME" (doh!)
Can you put some in a jar and paint it red?
It's a concept and a convention.

Time = a conceptual relationship between 2 motions. Can you travel "through" a Conceptual Relationship? Time can be Dilated? Please show how you can dilate a conceptual relationship?
Time "Moves", We can Travel "Through" Time, Time can be "Dilated". Hmmm, Concepts are Physical?? The Whole Nightmare is a Logical Fallacy: Reification. Professionalism in State Government is a Concept...can we "move through" it ? How about "Dilating" Freedom?

Lets conduct a Thought Experiment:

According to General Relativity, "Time" will move slower the the closer and you are to Earth or a Body due to Gravity. Ok, Lets use a Gravitational Clock... Two Sand Filled Hour Glasses, which function by GRAVITY; apples to apples, as it were. We'll keep one and set it on the ground @ the base of Mount Everest then take the other to the top. We then turn them over @ the same "Time"....which one drains faster?

Lets try it again....we move the "Clock" from the top of Mount Everest and take it into Space between the Moon and the Earth...then turn each over again. Which drains faster? For the person who is turning that "Clock" over in Space....time has stopped! Because there's no Sand entering the bulb. Which "Clock" is moving slower? Define Falsified?

Define Rubber Ruler? .... then Compare and Contrast that Measure with a Titanium Ruler then reconcile each into One coherent and objective explanation.
You're extrapolating from an erroneous/arbitrary "convention". You're conflating 2 different's one thing for Mickey's Hands/Cesium Atomic "Clocks" to run fast/slow but quite another to then extrapolate from that observation that "TIME" has been affected due to Gravity.
I barely remember when we touched on this stuff in college and this is stuff that we as a species don't have a great handle on anyway so I'm having some trouble with it.
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