Successful Even Though Parents are Screwed Up? How?
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18-01-2014, 11:06 PM
RE: Successful Even Though Parents are Screwed Up? How?
My story is very similar.

Today was an emotionally challenging day but reading this thread helped me feel much less alone.

I want to thank everyone involved for this thread. I follow TTA on FB but hadn't visited the website or these forums. I needed to find all of you tonight.

(23-12-2013 02:52 PM)anonymous66 Wrote:  I'm in my mid 40's.
I had a pretty crummy childhood. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad beating my mom, and my mom being cruel to me.

My dad drank a lot, he and me mom had some pretty good fights. He gave her a black eye at least once.

He became a Christian when he was in his teens, but didn't even try to live a good life, until after he got out of the military when he was in his late 20's. Even after he started to attend church again, he still would have binges, and it was a fundamentalist church that taught a woman was to be subservient to men, and he let her know it.

My mother was pretty nasty to us kids at times, I think, because she would take out her frustrations on us. My dad accused her of being crazy, and later on convinced a psychiatrist that she should be on lithium, when in reality, it was just him blowing things out of proportion, regardless, he took pleasure in telling us that she was on medication.

Anyway, it wasn't much of a childhood.. Anyone else been there? Are you successful now? How do you think it is that you are doing well now?

Do you just ignore your childhood memories, or try to acknowledge them and deal with them in some way?
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