Superstitions niggling at my mind
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13-05-2012, 08:55 PM
RE: Superstitions niggling at my mind
(13-05-2012 06:54 PM)Mark Fulton Wrote:  On a more serious note....

You were a JW for twenty something years? Poor you!!!! I find them all a bit paranoid and superstitious.

Carrying a lucky charm on your bike is no big deal...but...if it is indicative of something more sinister....such as a belief in got a problem. Religious superstition is toxic.

I hope that a rational deconstruction of the bible may help some people, such as yourself, get over their beliefs. You may get something out of my website at

I'd like to hear about your harley. Please tell us how you are travelling.
Following on from there Mark, I knew one J.W. who was excommunicated twice for gambling on the horses.

My friend, David Miller, is Secretary of the Atheist Society, here in Melbourne and was once a J.W.

There is always hope.

As for superstitious charms etc, if it feels good hang on to it, in my view.
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13-05-2012, 09:12 PM
RE: Superstitions niggling at my mind
There always is hope.

Stupidly enough, there isn't any mention of 'Thou shalt not gamble' in the bible.

You know what I hate about JW's in particular, now that I'm gone? It's that no matter where I go, whomever learns I was one will ask me if I know a brother or sister from a congregation I've never been to. Like as if I am Jehovah and keep tabs on all of them through an underground twitter site.

So yes, I know David Miller, just in case you were wondering. But just *of* him.
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