System of a Down?
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13-12-2012, 08:49 PM
Rainbow System of a Down?
I am a huge fan of this band, I was wondering if there are others on this forum that enjoy their music.

My favorite song is Tentative but there are many others, it varies from day to day on which one I want to listen to.
Soldier Side is a masterpiece!

They are currently a broken up band, still friends though.

Serj Tankian has some solo stuff that is really amazing, especially his orchestra he sings with.

Their songs are laced with religious themes some times, but I really couldn't care less because the music just sounds good.

Some people think they are pretentious, but they have obviously never met Serj Tankian or any of the members for that matter.

I spoke to Serj on skype a while ago, he is AWESOME!

I told him that I'm an atheist so I really don't have any belief in the supernatural.

We discussed origins of life and the such, it was very enlightening because his views were never apparent to me.

But I still can't believe that he responded to my message and let me speak with him.

I will suggest their music until the day I drop dead, live on!
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