[TV Show] What would you do?
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30-11-2012, 04:47 PM
[TV Show] What would you do?
Last night I was watching a TV show called "What would you do?". This show uses actors on the streets to see how everyday people would react in different situations. For example; in this situation an older woman was buying food from the grocery store with a food stamps card that had no money on it. Everyone around is in on it except a few people in line.

So the cashier proceeds to tell the woman the card was declined, the woman starts to cry and says how she has to feed her family. The woman behind her says she will pay for the older woman's groceries (this woman is not an actor), the other actor in line says "that isn't going to help these people." The woman that offered to pay says "this is my money, ill spend it how I want." or something like that. She also proceeded to explain how god is telling her to help this woman. That's a laugh, god is telling you to help this woman who happens to be an actor and your on tv?

I just found this funny because all around us people are saying how god helps them and tells them to do this and that. This just shows how god didn't tell her to do anything. Why would her god ask her to help this person when this is all a staged situation. The reality these people don't seem to understand is she wanted to help this person in need and is giving god all the credit. Stupid.

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