Tactics in making progress.
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Today, 06:54 AM (This post was last modified: Today 07:11 AM by Brian37.)
Tactics in making progress.
Everyone reading this on issues of economics and and even good use of logic and defense of science. Do not think short term. If anyone here reading this thinks it is all doom and gloom, you are thinking short term. You look at the ignorance of our species thousands of years ago, we still progressed. Just with atheists, you look where our voice was in 01 compared to how big it is now, there really is a huge difference. You do not have to own a website, or be rich or famous. Those at the top of a movement are the few and stand on the bulk of the rest of us that make progress possible.

Now having said that, it is also important to not try to set up utopias ourselves. We are still a diverse species and even among liberal theists or liberal atheists we still are individuals and will not agree all the time. Everything boils down to economics and education. We still have to accept that we are diverse and that means humans will have different economic goals. It is ok to expect the gap not to get too lopsided, but it is unreasonable to expect everyone to make the same pay.

We do not need to be like the tea party suggesting a Che revolution or replace our open market. It simply needs to be purged of greed. Every single post counts. I am not a fan of idiots who think "what are you doing other than posting"? I can tell you that my current mindset and motivation was shaped, not by books or rich famous atheists, but merely reading the posts of other atheists. Every post counts, every voice counts. It wont happen over night but it cant happen if we do nothing at all.

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Today, 10:22 AM
RE: Tactics in making progress.
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