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Inspirational words to live by:

"You cannot shoot words, you cannot behead ideas, and you cannot intimidate concepts. And if you try, the fulfillment of your worst threats will serve as nothing but an icon, written in the blood of the free, that you have no place in the first world!"

- Thunderf00t, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03ip6dwCD...56K0OZYh9M at 6:02.

Has anyone heard any other inspirational speak from any other YouTubers?
To compete against lines created by Thunderfoot? That'd be quite a challenge I imagine.

Also, technically one can not kill an idea, outside of intellectually demolishing it. On the other hand, you can prevent its occurrence as often as possible, by simply killing those who would support it; obviously that doesn't get rid of the idea but merely postpones it though.
I know I have come across some inspirational things on youtube (along with a lot of crap too...) but I can't think of anything in particular offhand.

As mentioned in another thread, Evid3nc3's stuff is very well done, and often uplifting. Especially the one that he won a contest with - "The Values We All Stand For" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwBqGpQ1R...OBxLedT0eo Although that's more country-specific, I believe.
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Here's a new one by philhellenes:


YouTube Atheists are getting more and more philosophical...I'm lovin' it!
I can't say that they're inspirational in that they are a rousing speech that would do for say, a rally or something (xD) but I think anything by Theoreticalbullshit on youtube would rouse any atheist individuals. Hearing his incredibly well (and politely) vocalized arguements, I cannot comprehend how anyone who hears them does not immediately agree. I think the guy could argue circles around the Pope. Easily. xD
Thanks for the info, I'll take a look at his videos, as I have not heard of him before now.

Welcome by the way. ^_^
He reminds me of DasAmericanAtheist (James). Both take a very philosophical/theoretical approach to arguing religious perspectives.

Thanks for sharing and welcome! Smile
Thanks, guys! <3
And yeah, I think Scott (Theoreticalbullshit) mentions DasAmericanAtheist. I'm starting to watch his stuff now as well. :3

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