Take part in worldwide Atheist cencus
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28-12-2012, 09:41 AM
Take part in worldwide Atheist cencus

On 7 December Atheist Alliance International (AAI) launched Atheist Census at www.atheistcensus.com,
a global project to count and capture a snapshot of the world’s
atheists. The response to Atheist Census was very positive, with 8,880
entries confirmed and another c. 2,300 pending before it was taken
offline as a result of a DoS (denial of service) attack, about 17 hours
after launch.

Atheist Census is now back online with a higher
level of protection, and entries have already grown to over 20,000. The
President of Atheist Alliance International, Carlos A. Diaz, said "It
seems that there are people who do not want atheists to be counted, who
do not want to accept that as more people question and think critically
about religion atheists are a growing demographic. It is a measure of
the project's success - even at this early stage - that some people
wanted to shut it down." He added "While truth and fair public policy
are not determined by popularity, demonstrating the significance of the
non-religious community will assist our efforts to promote a secular
world. I encourage all atheists to be counted in Atheist Census."

in Atheist Census identify their preferred non-religious title,
religious (if any) background, education level level, age, gender
identity and country. Participation is free, with an option to make a
financial donation to help cover development and operating costs.


of today 28/12/12 the number is at 128,713 atheists registered
worldwide and rising very fast.
Please stand up and be counted and register your
You can look at the graphs to see which counties have the most atheists and their demographics
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28-12-2012, 03:50 PM
RE: Take part in worldwide Atheist cencus
Please use the search function next time, as we already have three threads about this topic.


[Image: 7oDSbD4.gif]
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30-12-2012, 01:41 AM
RE: Take part in worldwide Atheist cencus
[*]United States of America: 46,361
[*]Brazil: 10,318
[*]Turkey: 9,465
[*]United Kingdom: 8,071
[*]Australia: 6,417
[*]Canada: 5,835
[*]India: 2,720
[*]Iran (Islamic Republic of): 2,489
[*]Poland: 2,363
[*]Italy: 2,302

Maybe there is some hope for the U.S.
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