Tangled in the Apron Strings
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24-11-2012, 05:03 PM
Tangled in the Apron Strings
Last night on FaceBook, I "liked" an image of a nude female with a huge rainbow tattoo of wings covering her entire back. Though it did show the top 1/3 of her exposed butt-ox, it wasn't porn by any stretch of the imagination. I then get an instant message from Mom, something to the effect of, "Thanks for posting the tattoo pic so [he] can look at a chick's ass!" She was referring to her husband. Now Mom's not ugly by any means, and even looks younger than she is.

But Mom's reaction really irritated me, partly because it brought me back to my childhood days of her insecurity and blaming me for things that I wasn't responsible for. It also brought out my codependency issues with Mom.

I was angry that she blamed me for her husband's behavior. I was sad that she was hurt, but because I was also angry, I didn't have the presence of mind to address that.

I adore my mom, but I went to bed with hurt feelings that I left unaddressed, and without even being able to console Mom. It was a lose-lose.

I don't know if I'm here for commiseration or comfort or ideas, but I felt so alone last night with no one to talk to and I had to get this out....

Thanks, y'all....

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