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15-10-2012, 09:53 PM
RE: Tattoos
Ask to see a portfolio to give you an idea of the work the artist does. See what seems to be their "thing" it color, black and grey, portraits, etc. Get an artist that will take your ideas and draw something you like. A good artist will also make suggestions regarding things like: doing that picture that small will lost detail and over time may bleed together. A good artist also knows what things work best on what parts of the body. Find out if they draw a picture out and make a stencil or if they freehand it on you.

Ask around to see where to NOT go.

Don't decide a tattoo is where you want to save other words, don't look for the lowest price, it will probably also be the lowest quality.

When you do get one, follow their aftercare instructions. I have adapted my own aftercare since I have multiple tattoos that have been done by various artists, I know how my skin reacts.

Don't get a tattoo on a whim, once you come up with what you want take some time to think about it. You may decide it's not the right thing or you may think of things you want to change. Coverups can be well done but you don't want to have to be looking at that later on down the road.

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