Technology by Filox
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12-05-2015, 12:57 PM
RE: Technology by Filox
(09-05-2015 11:57 AM)Anjele Wrote:  
(07-05-2015 11:43 AM)Filox Wrote:  [Image: 8600_barebones_compeve.jpg]

This is my new baby. It's a HP Workstation xw8600, a double quad-core Xeon machine, with quad-channel DDR2, 800W PS and 6GB of ECC DDR2 memory (goes up to 32GB). It cost me about 160 Euros and I will have to upgrade both my processors and get some new graphic card, or two, so I'll be spending a bit more money. It's still extremely cheap for the raw power and stability it can provide. I fact, the whole machine and all the upgrades, along with a new (used) gtx570 graphic card is still cheaper than only one i7 CPU (2011 socket), without the cooler.

I bought this so I can play GTA V, of course.


Is this techno-porn?

What do you think? Big Grin

[Image: a6505fe8.jpg]
I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.
-Hunter S. Thompson
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19-11-2015, 01:31 PM
RE: Technology by Filox
Dafuq, Filox?

I come back and my first question is, Dafuq, Filox? I figured you'd be in charge of this place by now.

Son, I am disappoint.Weeping

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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