Ten Commandments
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16-09-2012, 08:20 AM
RE: Ten Commandments
(15-09-2012 06:52 PM)Ambassador of Christ Wrote:  Logica... What? that is old... You need to research it yourself.

Be bless...Bowing

If you are going to claim your God exists, surely you must posses evidence that Star Trek does not. For the sake of this debate, I am already assuming Star Trek is reality. Now prove to me that it isn't. If you don't participate, I will know that you are an unitellectual pussy. If you do participate and you cannot disprove Star Trek's nonexistence, then you should probably stop worshiping Jehovah.

Occasional TTA returner then leaverer.
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17-09-2012, 02:32 PM
RE: Ten Commandments
(15-09-2012 06:42 PM)Ambassador of Christ Wrote:  Good Day Friend... Hope you all had a bless week.

You were gone from this thread for over a week and THIS is all you've got upon returning? So many questions have been asked to you and, with over a week, surely you had time to research at least ONE of them. Your god wants you to spread his word and teach everyone that you can about his existence. Yet, you only demonstrate laziness. Your god will be very disappointed in you. Instead of telling everyone here about their failings, you apparently need to look more closely at your own. How will you explain to your god that you just couldn't be bothered helping all the atheists here who are in need of "saving"?

Fox News: Praying Preying on ignorance since 1996.
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