Thank God and/or thank jesus
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07-05-2012, 10:27 AM
RE: Thank God and/or thank jesus
I don't know if Henson was an atheist or not. Wikipedia has him listed under the Christian Science page but says he was not an active member for the last 15 years of his life. He was the genius behind Dinosaurs too and that had humans living alongside the dinosaurs, so (while I love that show) I can only imagine he was probably not an atheist. Irregardless of his religious belief, I find it upsetting that in that facebook post he was second fiddle to Jesus.

I think you are right for a lot of the people out there. They need some confirmation of their biases so badly that they crave validation from anyone and everyone willing to give it, and facebook offers an ideal platform to do that. Especially given the fact that you can select your friends and how much of your posts they see and how much of their's you see. It is selective thinking at its best because they can block/ignore/unfriend anyone they disagree with and can condense down their friendlist into those willing to shout hallelujah with them from the keyboard. To be fair here, I have done similar things too. I have unfriended/blocked/ignored people who post those pictures that say things like "1000 likes for this girls surgery" or that post pictures that are stupid constantly or have an endless stream of game updates and generic crap. The only time I do this is when they are clogging up my newsfeed (as in they have multiple stories back to back to back to back etc) but I have never outright done this to someone strictly because I don't agree with them. I may be making an exception in one case however, another facebook "friend" posted the other day and said that anyone who posts "liberal propaganda" and it shows up on his newsfeed is going to be unfriended. Really? I do think I will be unfriending him today, he has also began clogging up my newsfeed so it will be a double win.

What is the name of the world's worst male pornstar?
Justin. Just in. Get it? I couldn't resist.
The cancer ones like the one above are more than just annoying, they are downright insulting. Not only to me, the doctors, nurses, scientists and technicians who saved them, but also to themselves. They ignore the obvious observation that if god cured it, then god allowed it to happen in the first place!!! Argh, an insult to the mind.
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07-05-2012, 01:09 PM
RE: Thank God and/or thank jesus
It makes me so frustrated when I see on Facebook or hear someone say "thank the lord"/"thank god" etc. They did absolutely diddly squat! How about thanking the people here on earth that actually physically made the outcome happen, i.e. the doctors that healed the patient through their care, dedication and actions. By thanking their god for the doctor's actions in healing the patient they are taking responsibility and the respect that the doctor deserves clearly into the hands of their god. Although, if the doctor makes a fatal mistake, then it is the doctor's fault, never god. You do not hear as much "damn the lord"/"damn god." No they are quite quick to lay the responsibility in the hands of the doctor and take the actions to retrieve compensation from said doctor! This is why it makes me so frustrated and a little angry when I hear someone thank an invisible and non existent being rather than those that actually deserve our thanks and gratitude in the first place!

One little nugget to leave you all with - If Jesus could cure a blind man then why could he not cure "blindness" instead - Idea from the Hitch himself :-)

Quote:"Religion poisons everything." - Christopher Hitchens
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