Thank you people for existing
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03-10-2014, 06:15 PM
RE: Thank you people for existing
(03-10-2014 05:56 PM)Metazoa Zeke Wrote:  
(03-10-2014 05:51 PM)LostandInsecure Wrote:  Holy Jesus cakes guys Gasp you scared me.
Don't post here. I was like oh noes not again. I've had enough stalkery creeps to last for several lifetimes.

It is not safe to go alone, take this with you.

[Image: oshawott_is_good_by_kol98-d5k3wf7.png]

Thanks Zeke Heart

Swing with me a while, we can listen to the birds call, we can keep each other warm.
Swing with me forever, we can count up every flower, we can weather every storm.
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