That Darn God - 7 Shot Dead at Sikh Temple
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07-08-2012, 06:06 PM
RE: That Darn God - 7 Shot Dead at Sikh Temple
(07-08-2012 02:33 PM)AmishLatinJew Wrote:  
(07-08-2012 01:54 PM)Jeff Wrote:  No that's not my position

I don't know where I've given you the idea that my issue is with which deity anyone follows. My issue is that believers thank god for good things, but don't thank god for bad things such as shootings. But in fact, their belief system is such that they SHOULD be thanking god for the bad things as well, since god is good, and everything happens per god's plan. Of course they don't express this notion, thanking god for a shooting, because it would expose their horrible and perverse belief system. So I point it out for them because I want them to wake up.

The quote that I created (from FBI guy Schmedlap) is to parody the discussion happening about this case, on whether it is a case of domestic terrorism, or instead is a hate crime. Not that it matters, since the people are dead either way. But a real believer, were they to connect all the dots of their espoused belief, would say that it's not terrorism or a hate crime, it's just part of God's plan. Thank God!

It was calling the issue a "dead horse" when you still haven't grasped the real issue that I found irritating. And being vigilant to point out that your permission's not needed is just keeping the spirit of Hitchens alive. Admittedly, I'm touchy about it.

If I had complained that you were being unresponsive or unsupportive you might have a point, but I didn't do that.

Well, if you say thats not your position then fine. Yet everytime you mention believers it seems to be a lump statement. But that could just be me getting picky.

I can see your train of thought on those that believe should be thankful for everything. And I can even see the tactic in showing them to be thankful for all acts of both good and evil, but to the average Christian, it would sound crazy. Maybe it would work, and maybe it's worked for you in the past. Hence why I say "do as you will." And I never said that you had an issue with which deity they follow. I was merely mentioning the few that belive for example a Sikh was killed because he did not believe in God, if he did, he would have lived.

A true believer, and a true truth seeker (tounge twister anyone) are not the same. A believer stoops to a level where much of the normal thinking is not needed because they believe. A true seeker of truth, as I like to think most atheists are, would find those flaws in logic and reach a new conclusion. Telling a person 2 + 2 = 4 when they have been taught that 2 is the highest number is a nigh impossible task.

You'll have to forgive the dead horse comment. I use terms that sound very applicable to me but might not sound that way to others. They tend to come off harsh and callous no matter the intent. Soap box topic was nicer. We all have those. Dead horse was not meant to offend, but to highlight that you're (forgive the expression) preaching to the choir. That is all.

And while you didn't claim that i was unresponsive or unsupportive, from all the posts on this particular thread and you're responses to them, it would seem you don't like anyone contradicting or disagreeing with you. Hence the idea of creating a commentless youtube or starting a church, it was meant in jest.

I think it's safe to say that it is easy to misinterpret plain text with no voice or emotion behind it and we have a clear case of that today. To an extent, it has muddled our conversation.

Well said.
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