The American military as a system of goverment
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23-08-2012, 02:07 AM
The American military as a system of goverment
So I was thinking today that one of the things that annoy me about civilian life is that there's no rank structure. 21 year old dumbasses with no life experience and no clue what they're talking about land jobs where they are in charge of older, more experienced people. The army usually rewards years in service and combat experience with rank promotions and combat badges, that way when you see a fuzz patch Private E-1, you know better than to expect too much out of him. There are incompetent morons who get promoted, but they usually have enough experience at that point to pretend to know what they're doing. Likewise, civilians who haven't accomplished anything in their self-righteous and spoiled lives using daddy's income would be labeled Privates, so you'd know right away that they're morons. There would be other ways of promotion of course. This way, if some redneck high school flunk-out tries to lecture Richard Dawkins on evolution, Dawkins can pull rank on him and end the conversation.

Anyways, I have derailed. People live with the military way of life every day ( soldiers in the military) and aren't rioting in the streets for personal liberties or plotting to assassinate the oppressive Sergeant Major running their base. So I wanted to weigh the pros and cons if America reverted to a military regime.

Firstly, the military seems to be different than a police state government. Each base is technically run by the Commander in Chief, but he isn't directly involved with any of the bases. He isn't empowered even though he has all the power, somehow, and this keeps him from becoming corrupt. Checks and balances are kept by the commanders directly in charge of each base, and since soldiers can vote for their president, it's still a democracy.

But let's get to it. The obvious aspect of our new military government is the usage of socialism. We'll wait for all the republicans in the room to stop screaming "Communist!" and gnashing their teeth. Alright, now that that's over, let's look at what is provided for the citizens. Food is free in government paid mess halls, housing is provided for those that can't afford to live on their own, health and dental is provided free of charge, and a monthly stipulation is paid out for clothing. Well that all sounds terrifying.

Punishment would go from being fired or verbally scolded to forced exercise. Employers can now "drop" their employees and make them do pushups. This would seriously raise the discipline of our citizens. This along with the mandatory exercise every morning and fitness tests would ensure that the obesity problem in this country all but disappears.

As far as religion goes, the army maintains the separation of church and state pretty well. There are places of worship scattered around base but no one will ever make you pray or claim this is a "Christian military/country." So all this "Christian President" and "Mormon President" and focus on each candidates religion would diminished. When the entire country becomes the state, separation of church and state all but eradicates the religion part.

The biggest flaw I can see is the disregard for individualism. The military advocates collectivism, because sheep are easier to control as a herd, not a bunch of individual sheep with their own ideas and aspirations. And so the communist aspect would keep any "dreamers" from creating great works of art and such. But there would be more of a sense of community. Soldiers in the military often get assigned to do menial tasks, not expecting any compensation or reward. They just do them because of their sense of duty. And so we would truly be the "United States" of America, doing jobs that need to be done because they need to be done. Occasionally giving up freedoms for the good of the collective, knowing that tomorrow someone else will give up their daily freedom for you.

Rank will have to be restructured, promoting brains, experience, and competence. This would enforce a sort of elitism, where the best of the best lead the rest. I can live with this. I don't mind taking orders, if I know the person has earned their right to give those orders.

Well I've rambled on long enough. Thoughts? Shut up and go to sleep? You got it!

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