The BE SILENT, WOMAN podcast ponderings
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28-10-2011, 10:07 AM
The BE SILENT, WOMAN podcast ponderings
The BE SILENT, WOMAN podcast was entertaining.
But I have some questions for you fellow infidels and also a need for some mythbusting.

The Female Methodist Preacher he interviewed was sweet, but she offered some ‘lines’ I had not heard before! But both of her responses (which were virtually the same) sent my BS meter into overdrive.

Her argument for those totally awesome verses about marrying a rape victim and that this LAW was a step up in morality. Prior to that it was just rape unpunished.
Basically a bunch of Persian Savages fucking everything in sight. Historical?

Also the “Be silent in church” response which was to say woman were kept dumb in Rome and the new enlightenment of women was afoot..but the NT gave them sage advice to ‘Be Silent’ so they could be smart in church (so to speak) and stay out of the crosshairs of Roman Authorities. As if to say its PRO woman to be silent so you don’t get caught by those Gnarly Roman men.

I have to admit these are clever answers and ones I’d never heard before. But how much of this is based in fact?

What say ye, fellow heathens?

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28-10-2011, 06:45 PM (This post was last modified: 28-10-2011 06:52 PM by Azaraith.)
RE: The BE SILENT, WOMAN podcast ponderings
The "it's better than what was" may or may not be accurate, but it's just a cop-out. It doesn't matter what the contemporary culture was like, so long as she is proposing that the bible should be used as a code of ethics today (99.9% of ministers do). If you preach that a book is a good code of ethics, those ethics should stand on their own as sensible, fair, just, etc. If parts of the book suggest insane things like that, you have to either take things piecemeal (like most Christians) or behave atrociously (like Westboro Baptist Church). Or you can be rational and reject the book of superstition altogether.

RE: being silent as a threat avoidance mechanism, that could have credence on the individual level, but it's not intelligence - it's simply survival. I know I wouldn't be shouting "I'm an atheist!" in Iran. That doesn't make me smart, it just proves I'm of enough intelligence to recognize the threat (not very difficult) and I wish to live. If that's a standard of being "smart," I'm seriously underpaid.

I also learned where Lilith Pride got her name - the Jewish mythology of Adam's first wife, who displeased Adam by considering herself an equal and desiring to be on top during intercourse. Naturally, that wouldn't do, so she was cast out and turned into a demon, who roams the earth causing wet dreams and fondling young (uncircumcised) male children. The more strange things I learn listening to the podcast, the crazier religion seems...

Better without God, and happier too.
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01-11-2011, 04:56 AM
RE: The BE SILENT, WOMAN podcast ponderings
Be silent woman and the Romans won't smack you around. Wear a burka woman and the Muslim men won't rape you. Its for your own good!
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