The Bob Dutko show
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13-11-2015, 02:58 PM
The Bob Dutko show
So, the older forum where some of Bob Dutko's "Top Ten Proofs" were discussed is now a dead thread. So, being someone who grew up listening to this radio show host, I want to try and resurrect a thread about him.

Anyone out there used to listen to his show? Does anyone still listen to it? It's almost fascinating how he still insists on using old, outdated, disproven-one-thousand-times arguments for theism and creationism.

Here's an old debate he had with AronRa, which spells out pretty well how argumentative he is. He also does things like claiming he backed Aron into a corner when Aron didn't play into Bob Dutko's script.

And he's the Bible Skeptic's amazing video series where he debunks Bob Dutko's Top Ten Proofs for the existence of God. (He also has a series debunking Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True.)
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