The Book and the Believer. An Observation.
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06-11-2012, 09:57 AM
The Book and the Believer. An Observation.
The Book and the Believer

The more time I have spent away from faith and the more
religious studies I continue (as a non believer) I seem to be seeing something
over and over again. Seth somewhat hit on this with his last show about the Bloody
Bible. What I see the HUGE disconnect between the Book and the Believer. I had
coined a catch phrase some time ago that I feel sums it up pretty good. I call
it “The Cult of Christ”. Christians put MORE emphasis on this ‘experience’ they
had…be it a Dream that caused them to get saved, a sermon and invocation or a
moment of coincidence. Whatever their ‘testimony’ it’s all from this emotional/experiential
event. So when most of these cult members are quizzed about the countless
versus that show Gods ‘Resume’ they start dancing around like a cat on a hot
tin roof and start creating complicated explanations as to why “God did…..”.

I find more and more that Believers (including myself back
in the day) look thru the bible for quick ‘pep me up’ versus to get me thru a
situation. I can recall spending so much time pouring thru the book during
troubling times looking for something, anything to guide me thru life’s
trouble. More times than not it would be a call of a Christian pal that would simply
give me a ‘life lesson’ peppered with some scripture to make it seem legit. The
book never helped me as a believer and I see most believers living their lives
OUTSIDE the book..Only adhering to a few moral concepts (not all) that fall in
line with their own view of the world. It’s very much a ‘forcing the book to
fit my world view’ thang. Westboro members
are the only Christians who actually Practice what is written.

More and more I see the look of surprise when I toss out one
of gods greatest hits from the OT. Stuff they have never heard of and are
shocked to learn but immediately start maneuvering to make what he did
agreeable. Normally you get the “Reading it out of context” defense immediately.
But even when read in context they still wiggle around the OBVIOUS fact that
their god is a monster.

It seems they are smitten with this romantic tragic love
story of Jesus (with the bad bits removed and errors ignored) and never really
think that Jesus is simply the taxi cab driver to God Himself. They never stop
and ask themselves “IF I ignore Jesus for a second, is this god fellow someone I
could spend an afternoon with….or eternity?” Not once. It’s almost as if the PR campaign used the
Care Bares to recruit for Hitler. I see it as the same. This is why I call it
The Cult of Christ. It has NOTHING to do with God and everything to do with ‘JC
and the Sunshine band’. They are so
distracted with his Tragic Love story that they fail to see where JC leads
them. Right in the hands of a Jealous 8 year old only child that kills on a

This is why I see a huge disconnect between the Book and the
Believer. Most rational people read the OT…if they get thru Deuteronomy..they
are DONE with this whole god fellow and his warped world view.

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06-11-2012, 01:04 PM
RE: The Book and the Believer. An Observation.
I agree that, in my experience, it seems that most Christians I know are mainly connected to Christianity for emotional reasons, and know little of the actual bible or history of the religion. Even those I know who do know a lot of this are more into their "personal relationship" with Jesus than anything else. I just conclude from this that many religious people are religious for emotional reasons, first and foremost. I don't even think it necessarily has anything to do with lack of knowledge of their religion as it does with many people have their religion because they "feel" it in their "hearts," not their brains. And that's why there's obsessed with their love affair with JC, it gives them a neurochemical high like being in love, and to hell with the instruction manual.
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