The Book of Eli
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29-06-2010, 04:59 AM
RE: The Book of Eli
I really enjoyed the ending of The book of Eli.
-- spoiler alert --
I liked how the bad guy (Oldman) wanted the book, not because of any religious value, but because it was a tool to control (enslave) people.
And what delighted me the most about the movie is at the very end when the book (Bible) was finally safe from harm it was filed away on a shelf (probably forever) by the scientists that run the facility (reason to be speculated) and not put to 'use'.
This makes perfect sense. If you have enough sense / intelligence to create a peaceful / prosperous society in the post-apocalyptic era, you probably have enough sense not to let people fall into the same religious trap.
-- end spoiler alert --
Just my 2 cents worth
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