The Campus Outreach Program
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29-08-2010, 07:48 PM
The Campus Outreach Program
Basically speaking, the campus outreach program is a college based religious group thats tries to get people to, "Grow in their faith." Anyway I heard that they are expanding, and they are strong on my campus. They know I am an atheist and they don't care for me. I mean the people that work my campus for the program say how they don't like me, and I turn people against god. Also, they have camps during the winter and summer. Back when I was a christian freshmen year, I am a senior now, I went to the one in Nashville in late december, it is four days long, and they bashed science while saying how the Bible is true. In other words, conservative christians. I just wanted to point this out as a problem. They are not helping college students grown in their education.

On another note last weekend me and some friends went to rent a movie at blockbuster, and I stumbled on the movie, "Jesus Camp." So, I put the movie in the horror section where it belonged LOL.
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