The Culture War
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06-04-2011, 12:14 PM
The Culture War
Maybe a bit too ambitious to tie the two topics together in one article, but I think there is a correlation...

Have to give credit to the people on this board for keeping the issues of women's rights and infringement of religion in public education on the forefront!

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06-04-2011, 12:40 PM
RE: The Culture War
I really enjoyed that blog and the author has very good points. The shear fact that the religious right is aligned with the political right should be a warning sign to begin with. Political groups should be concerned with political, economic and national security issues, not belief issues or group issues (see corporate backing). The fact that Americans continue to forget the whole "separation of church and state" portion of the constitution should be yet another warning sign. This is already heavily propagated through our schools and serves the purpose of blurring the lines between patriotism and religion. It reminds me of the religious zealot picking and choosing portions of the bible to believe and they think they can do the same with our constitutional rights. I get this twinge of pain in my brain when I hear of these atrocities that limit our freedoms, not because they exist (one could argue that laws limit freedoms but some laws are obviously necessary [at least as long as we are a society of assholes who care only for ourselves]) but because of the hypocrisy of the people who support them by saying they are protecting freedoms!
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