The Death of an Atheist
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26-04-2013, 02:42 PM (This post was last modified: 26-04-2013 10:56 PM by ShirubaDangan.)
RE: The Death of an Atheist
(23-04-2013 02:02 PM)Egor Wrote:  While they have their health, atheists can be skeptical all they want. It’s easy to be brave when there’s no threat, and if their life is taken from them suddenly, they will feel no need to change. But all human beings have a built-in existential need; we simply cannot accept that our consciousness will cease to exist. We can’t accept it, because we know that if it can cease to exist, then it’s the same as never having existed in the first place. Life is only good if life is eternal. We are hardwired to understand that.

This just saddens me and just reveals how sick and disgusting religion is that it preys on people's fears, weaknesses and fully takes advantage of what we don't want to end. Of course humans want to live forever! Humans throughout history have always wanted to find something to extend life and science has achieved that greatly. We all fear that one day we will not exist and that is why I believe religion created this fantasy to offer the poor of the faith something and those who are afraid a cushion to prevent them from seeing reality.

Now, you say that if they cease to exist that their lives must have meant nothing. That is preposterous! We stand tall on all the achievements of the men and women before us! If they simply didn't exist we wouldn't have had made the large strides towards the future that we have been. They had existed and they contributed to our lives even now. From the farmer who fed the inventor to the worker who created the machines for the populace. Even small things can truly change the future.

Life isn't good if it is eternal. If that is the case then life would be meaningless. What would be the meaning of any of this if we simply could live forever? What sense of urgency would we have to live life now and enjoy it? Eternity does not promise happiness.

(23-04-2013 02:02 PM)Egor Wrote:  So, the atheist, if they die slowly, will always convert, or try to, before they go unconscious, even if all they do is scream in their head, “I will never believe in you!” like some petulant child, they all become believers, hopers, religionists, in the end.

And so the theist creates a dream to delude themselves of the truth. To take away any sense of what made them happy within this life and what they enjoyed to sacrifice all of that towards a false hope. Not to cherish what they had now but to prepare for something they want strongly to exist rather than have any reason to believe it does. I've always said that just because you want to believe something is true doesn't make it so and that is the case here. People of religion truly want this to exist no matter what and that is why I believe many of them defend their beliefs greatly.

(23-04-2013 02:02 PM)Egor Wrote:  But then comes eternal life, and they get what they always wanted. A universe where there is no God. They are simply consciousness in nothingness. Even today those atheists who have died remain in that universe, that universe of perpetual present nothingness, wondering when life will end. But it doesn’t end; it never will.

[Image: brain.jpg]

And if it does not come? Do you consider the possibility especially with the possible thousands of heavens humans created that maybe nothing exists afterwards? It isn't something I think atheists want. You can easily see that religious people want heaven but atheists don't want non existence but we simply accept it as a fact we must come to terms to. Unlike the religious we realize our lives are finite and we choose to live our lives now instead of worshiping a deity. Whether that be your Veridicanism, Judaism, Hinduism or any other faith. We decide to choose to live our lives now instead of hoping to live it later.

I believe we already live in a universe with no God. Our galaxy is on the path to collide with another, Earth's climate will become unstable due to fuels God supposedly placed and the sun will eventually erupt into a fiery explosion.

Things seem to come to an end. Especially with this universe that your deity supposedly created. To highly think that you deserve more especially in a place which is so gratuitously unforgiving is surprising to me. The universe owes you nothing and as it continues with its own existence even that will seem to end one day as well.

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." -John F Kennedy

The way to see by Faith is to shut the eye of Reason.” -Benjamin Franklin

It has been a long time. How have you been?
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26-04-2013, 02:49 PM
RE: The Death of an Atheist
"The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for..." Vladimir Nabokov "Speak, Memory", Chapter 1
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26-04-2013, 03:50 PM
RE: The Death of an Atheist
(26-04-2013 02:42 PM)ShirubaDangan Wrote:  Of course humans want to live forever!

Not even a little bit. Angry

living word
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27-04-2013, 10:23 PM
RE: The Death of an Atheist
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